April 11 2011

Stephen’s Story

Twelve of us from Chi Alpha went to Pereira, Colombia for spring break to share the gospel in schools to over 18,000 Colombian students. While we drove from school to school on our bus in downtown Pereira, I noticed the spiritual darkness that hovered over the city. Girls as young as thirteen are paraded around by drug lords; men fill the bars, clubs, casinos, and witchcraft stores on every street. Yet God has power over all darkness! He used us to heal the sick and lead students into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

When we walked into one of the elementary schools, the principal had lifted a boy named Edwin by his arms and was shaking him violently. Edwin was being punished because he beat up younger boys in his school. After explaining to Edwin that Jesus wanted to come into his life and give him peace, he prayed to surrender his life to Christ. Immediately, we saw a difference in Edwin. As we headed towards the school’s exit, he walked into the principal’s office and said, “I’m really sorry for beating up the younger kids. I am not going to do it anymore because I met a man named Jesus who changed my life.”

On one of the last nights of our trip, we hosted an outreach at a local park. Afterwards, I met a woman who sat alone crying quietly, greatly impacted by the skits we performed. She explained to me, through a Spanish-speaking team member, that she was addicted to drugs and had been disowned by her family. I prayed for her and explained that Jesus offered her hope and a new life free from addiction. She repented of the bitterness and hatred she had towards her family and cried out to Jesus for salvation.

These are just two of many stories of God exceeding my expectations. Going to Colombia with Chi Alpha was the greatest week of my life. My life was radically changed as I saw God use me and our team to transform Colombian lives!

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