August 26 2011

Bret’s Story

Going into college I had no idea what to expect. All my life I’d had my family and friends right beside me making life comfortable, but, when I saw my family walk out of my room in Vawter for the last time on move in day, I was anything but comfortable. For seemingly the first time in my life I was on my own. I had nothing planned for me, no classes for another week and no real close friends anywhere in Blacksburg yet. For some that may seem like an exciting time, a new start. But for me it wasn’t. I was in an unfamiliar situation and was very uncomfortable. But within a few hours there came a knock at my door and two Chi Alpha guys handed me an XA bag and a schedule of events for the next few days. It was in that moment of loneliness and fear that God provided a couple guys with a smile on their face to show me someone cared, and, more importantly for that moment, to give me something to do. As it turned out, it was that night at the XA S’mores event that I met some guys who would become my family by the end of the year.
Throughout the first semester I became increasingly involved in Chi Alpha, both through small group and weekly services. I began to make bonds with both freshmen and upperclassmen that went deeper than a typical friendship. God was knitting us together. It was clear that He had led me to this group of people for a reason. He had taken my loneliness and, in a few short months, turned it into a sense of belonging. Coming into college I had no idea where I would find that community, but it was in His hands all along. His plans for us are always far greater than we can imagine. By the end of the year God had used me both as a member of the worship team and as a translator in Colombia, things I could have never dreamed. The year that began with uncertainty and fear turned into one of growth in the things of the Lord and brought new God-centered relationships that will last for years to come. So as I sit here waiting for the new school year to begin, the fear that was has been replaced with a hope and excitement for the new things God has planned for us, both in our lives, on our campus, and around the world.

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