September 12 2011

Ryne’s Story

These last two weeks have been awesome at small group! Instead of the group fragmenting into small clicks, we’ve all really started bonding and establishing strong friendships. So many people with so many diverse backgrounds coming together to read God’s Word and share the questions and thoughts they have about it. It’s exactly how a small group should be. Everyone has been vulnerable, but that’s because everyone’s also been accepting.
I was told some of the best friendships in college come from small group, and it’s true. How could we possibly discuss important and interesting topics with each other without growing closer? We’re also starting to hang out outside of small group pretty often: playing basketball, soccer, volleyball, card games, board games, and videogames; going to the Mixer and Free Food Fridays; watching movies in the dorms and around campus; and just getting together for lunch or whatever. Even though there’s so much we’re doing, I’m starting to realize that we don’t even need to be doing anything to hang out together. It’s so easy to be comfortable around so many guys that love you and support you so much.
We’ve been discussing some great topics recently, like how epic the early church was (seeing miracles and wonders that astounded everyone, thousands of people coming to know how much Jesus loves them, engaging in fellowship, having favor with everyone, sharing all of their possessions with one another). We also talked about the importance of humility (is there a perfect example of humility, why is it important, how do we do it) and the confidence it provides for an individual. We’ve talked about all sorts of things, both everyday topics and deep theological topics. After spending only two weeks with these people, I know that there is always someone I can call when in trouble, or even when I’m bored!

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