July 27 2012

Melissa’s Story

I came to “Watermelon Night” at the Chi Alpha house with a girl on my hall the first night I moved into my dorm.  I could count the number of people I knew at Virginia Tech on one hand at this point so I figured this would be a good way to meet some new people.  My expectations had been far too low.  After meeting some of the most welcoming individuals I had ever encountered I decided to come to a Bible study the next week and God quickly began using Chi Alpha as a tool to change my entire life.  Week after week I learned, built relationships, worshiped, asked questions, and felt myself being transformed.   It is an indescribable feeling; I have never before felt so joyful and content about anything.  My first year at Virginia Tech was the best year I have ever had because of this group and all that God is doing through them.  I have an incredible group of friends and I am so thankful that in only a year we have gotten so close, but even more importantly than that, I am so thankful for the closeness I now experience with my God and my King.

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