July 29 2012

Shira’s Story

Before my freshman year at Tech, I was definitely scared, nervous, excited, and a whole jumble of other emotions. I was going to be far from home and I was going somewhere full of complete strangers. I was determined to find a fellowship, but I never knew how big an impact Chi Alpha could have on me. During my first few days at Tech, it was people in XA who reached out and welcomed me. In fact, one of my small group leaders, Tina, had been emailing me a few times during the summer and she invited me to the events during the week of move-in. I also met my other small group leader, Elena, at one of the events and I was touched by her kindness. In general, I was really moved by Chi Alpha’s sense of generosity and friendliness. And so it began. I went to Word & Worship, small group, church, and other planned events.

But I’m convinced that small group was where I was able to grow the most. Being able to meet up with the girls weekly and studying the bible together was so important because it allowed me to grow closer to God and my sisters in Christ. In my small group, we were able to relate to each others problems and talk about what we were going through. We prayed for each other and it was during small group where I truly began to see the power of prayer. God was real and there was evidence everywhere.  It also felt so good to know that there were people who supported and cared about me. Having a group of people to motivate and challenge me helped me with my walk with God. Last semester, we studied Esther and it was great being able to study that book. We learned how God used Esther in mighty ways to help save the Jews despite all the odds. Similarly, God has used the people in my small group to help me grow. Before, I was not in a good place spiritually and I felt like God was distant. But it’s amazing how I was able to find my way back to Him through small group. Seeing how everyone in my small group was so hungry for God and His Word made me excited too! I feel so blessed to have had all those girls in my small group because they really all have impacted me, whether they realized it or not!

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