April 09 2013

Nick’s Story

Over spring break most college students spend their week hanging out with old friends, going on vacation, chillin at home, or anything else that will take their mind off school and give them a chance to relax. However, when I found out that Chi Alpha goes on missions trips every year over spring break, I knew instantly that God was calling me to Colombia.

The purpose of our trip was to begin the process of starting a Chi Alpha on a university in Armenia, Colombia. Most of our days were spent talking to students on campus about Jesus, but we also attended several church services and tried to encourage the university students who were already Christian into more actively sharing their faith.

Our first day of evangelism was slightly discouraging for me, and we didn’t immediately see the results that we were hoping for. The students of Colombia were tired of religion, and they associated Jesus with rules, judgment, and guilt. Their hearts were hardened and not open to the Gospel we were preaching. On the second day, however, God started doing amazing things. We had conversations with some English-speaking students, and saw many of them accept Christ! I personally had the opportunity to pray with two male students who wanted to give their lives to Jesus, and I was so overcome with joy that my hands were literally shaking! That was the first time I had ever led somebody to Christ, and it was the best experience of my life.

God continued to show up in miraculous ways for the rest of the trip. We saw even more salvations, healings, and we talked to dozens of students who said they would be interested in having a Chi Alpha at their university. The week was a huge success, and we were able to give the missionaries who were heading up the ministry in Colombia contact information for 59 students who said they would be interested in Chi Alpha, including 5 new believers! God has big plans in store for this ministry and for Colombia.

Although my intention for going to Colombia was to bless others, I ended up being blessed myself. God has changed my life for the better, and He taught me a few invaluable lessons to take back with me to the states. First, I felt like I had experienced God’s heart for the lost in a new and real way. I felt REAL pain for those who don’t know Jesus, and God showed me the love He has for every single person in Colombia, the U.S., and all over the world. God also taught me about living in a lifestyle of worship, and that my typical day at Virginia Tech can be lived in total submission and worship to God. I don’t have to plan a day and time to worship or talk to people about Jesus; I am called to do it all the time and with everything I do. The final thing that God spoke to me during my trip to Colombia was this—I’ll be going back.

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