August 21 2014

Medi’s Story

Before even coming to college, I was worried that I’d have to get through it on my own. I was hoping and praying to find a good Bible-based church, a Christian roommate, and a campus ministry in the hopes that these things would keep me on the right track. I would later come to learn that all these things weren’t what would keep me headed in the right direction during my time in college–only God Himself could do that.

During the last few months of my senior year of high school, I was in a very rough time in my faith, struggling to convince myself that God is indeed real and everything He said in His Word is true. Because I was raised in a Christian household, much of what is taught from the Bible and about Jesus wasn’t very unfamiliar to me. I received Christ at a young age and rededicated myself to Him a several years later. The head knowledge was there, but I really wanted to see His words leap out of the page and come to life for me.

I later realized that I couldn’t bring this doubt and depression to college with me. Vowing to leave this baggage behind me, I asked God to show he could really hear me. I asked for God to show me which college I was to go to, in hopes he would bring me to one that would be able to build me up spiritually.

And Virginia Tech was the last school on my mind. Back in 2007, in light of the tragic event that happened on campus, I told myself, “There is NO way I’m going to that school, I love my life too much.” So imagine how I felt weeks after I prayed when God very clearly told me “Virginia Tech.”

Fast forward a couple of weeks into the semester. I heard of a service that goes on every Wednesday called “Ignite”. At this point, I’ve met many people in Chi Alpha and had no doubts that I would experience spiritual growth on campus. I decided to go to one of these services, and I was blown away by the way worship was led. No one cared about what you were doing; you were free to worship God however you wanted to worship him. I saw on each face that hunger for more of Jesus, and that’s what’s kept me in Chi Alpha all this time. I learned that it doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from or what we’ve done…. we all have the same goal: to seek more of Jesus. And it’s in seeking him and trusting him that we are able to be his representatives in this world and a light in the midst of darkness. I’m so glad to have learned this because I’m now able to tell others that God is real, He loves me and everything in His Word is indeed true. God is so good.