October 01 2014

Romico’s Story

As I grew up in church, God always felt distant. I thought church was a waste of time. I appreciated its “goodness”, but often times, everything church was boring. I entered Virginia Tech desiring to walk away from faith and into the everything the world offers.

After “The Miracle of Going to the First Small Group”, I realized that I enjoyed hanging out with those guys. It was an excellent way to make friends. However, when I went to Fall Retreat, God moved. During one of the nights, God’s love for me was so evident and tangible and for the first time, I felt the presence of God. My attitude for small group had a “180”. From using small group to making friends, I used it to pursue God.

Fall retreat removes the distractions of our daily schedule and allows us to experience the authentic God, our Father. He used that weekend to open my eyes to the riches of His grace. In my head, I knew that God was real, but now, I know it in my heart.

He felt distant because I wasn’t looking. Church was boring because I didn’t connect. Relationship with Jesus is the most essential concept in Christian living, yet it wasn’t a concept as I grew up in church. Chi Alpha truly displayed the heart of Christ through its community and lifestyle and I caught on.

After weeks and months of seIf-reflection, I realized that I was captured by God’s relentless pursuit. I was a blind, lost sheep, walking towards a pack of wolves. But God! Earlier that August, Virginia Tech Housing and Residence Life offered a small group leader an RA position when a spot randomly opened up. They assigned him to the 1st floor of Pritchard and I was his resident. His name is Stephen and he introduced me to Chi Alpha. Stephen showed me the way “home” and I started my walk back to God. At Fall Retreat, God embraced me as the father embraced the prodigal son. God had sent a shepherd to rescue me from death!

I dedicated my life to the Lord at the end of the Fall semester. Three years later, Christ continues to take place in the center of my heart.

“For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.’ And they began to celebrate.” (Luke 15:24)