Hannah Gray

Hannah grew up her whole life believing and loving Jesus but isn’t really sure if she even knew him for herself until she encountered Him personally in college, as a student athlete, where Jesus changed her life and the entire trajectory of her life. Hannah joined VT Chi Alpha at the start of her junior year and was encouraged to find real spiritual hunger in the people. As she fell more in love with Jesus, she began to lose interest in the American dream and instead began dreaming of an un-normal life desiring to go deep with Jesus and lead people to His throne room in authentic relationship. Nothing else seemed to matter accept the Gospel and she wanted to give her life to sharing it. After she graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2016, Hannah felt like God wasn’t finished with her just yet in Blacksburg in reaching college students for Jesus with VTXA. In Hannah’s spare time, she enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, being silly, and running!