Impact Teams

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Visual Media + Design
Susanna Turner and Daniel Moore

Video, graphic design, arts, social media, journalism, graphic design, photography, marketing: grow your portfolio, learn new design processes, and use your awesome gifts to glorify God.

Community Service
Mary Rose Lunde, Holly Streetman, and Emma Zettlemoyer

Interested in bringing the love and service of Jesus into Virginia Tech, Blacksburg and the New River community? Let’s bridge the gap between hurt in the world and hope of Christ by serving with us.

Chad Biever and Jared Okada

Learn how to run different components of music sets, including sound, lighting, set up, and various technologies used to run events and Ignite services.

Michael Hansler

Whether you are gifted in evangelism, just love talking to people, or want to be challenged in loving fellow Hokies in Jesus, join us in reaching them.

Zack Calhoun and Doris Brown

Help new and returning students feel welcome at events and Ignite services. Greet and create an atmosphere of hospitality for each Ignite service.