Mission Trips

Spring Break Missions

Every student goes. Every student gives. Every student prays. Every student welcomes.

Appalachian Service Trip

Take a trip next door to West Virginia to serve one of the poorest counties in the America. This trip will include construction and service projects to spread the love and compassion of Christ to people right here in the US.

For more information, contact Shannon at shannon2@vt.edu.

Atlanta Dream Center

Inner city Atlanta is full of vibrant people who have been neglected by much of the church, but this spring break we will be bringing Jesus to them! Join us as we build connections with families in the inner city. We will be sharing our testimonies and faith with people to show them that there is a hope that far surpasses circumstances. This trip is jam packed with a variety of different ministries that the dream center has to offer!

For more information, contact Shannon at shannon2@vt.edu.

University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is a college of around 31,000 students who need to know about Jesus! The local Chi Alpha is excited to have us joining them for the THIRD year in a row! Never been out 2×2? Never shared your testimony to a stranger? Leave fear behind and take a step of faith and join us for an awesome week of watching God move!

For more information, contact Shannon at shannon2@vt.edu.

Marshall University

Has Chi Alpha impacted your life? Have you been blessed by the presence of campus ministry at Virginia Tech? If so, this trip is a chance to travel to Marshall to help encourage and build another Chi Alpha group through evangelism and outreach.

For more information, contact Shannon at shannon2@vt.edu.


Jesus is all around the world, and so is campus ministry! We are heading back to Colombia to plant a campus ministry on a university near the northern coast, and this trip is an opportunity to be a part of the very start of something. Our time there will be spent doing evangelism and outreach to build connections with students, as well as encouraging the Christian students there to help them see what campus ministry is all about.

For more information, contact Nick at nhuber84@vt.edu.

Live Dead Silk Road

Have you ever thought about going to a place where almost none of the people have heard the gospel of Jesus? The Arab world is a largely unreached area. On this trip, you will learn how to pray, reach out to Muslims, and have your heart broken for the lost in this region of the world. You will be partnering with seasoned missionaries who work with the Live Dead Silkroad Team.

For more information, contact Melanie at melanie.arakaky@gmail.com.


If you can’t feed a hundred, then just feedONE. Join us for a week in Haiti working in a local village as we partner with feedONE to invest in what they are already doing there. We will be spending time with children and doing whatever else they need us to do. Get your stomachs ready, because all of the food that gets put in front of us has to fit in there.

For more information, contact Kyle at kylev30@vt.edu.

Live Dead Africa

We’ll be traveling across the world to Africa to share the Gospel and serve people who live in desperate circumstances.

For more information, contact Hannah at h1024143@vt.edu.

Costa Rica

Scripture says that the Gospel must be preached in every corner of the world. We will be traveling through the jungle to the tribes of Costa Rica who have little to no exposure with Christianity.

For more information, contact Isaac at isaac.barnard1@gmail.com