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We are a community of college-age men and women who do life together here at Tech with a common goal and interest: connecting with God. We are not just surviving as a Hokie. We are fully alive, expecting God to heal, change, and use us to impact Virginia Tech, the marketplace, and the world with His transforming love.  

Come Invent the Future amidst a movement that brings lifelong friendships and incredible opportunities to grow in self-discovery and God-discovery. 

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Life Group

Life Group

Sunday, October 19 - Thursday, October 23

Weekly Prayer Meetings

Weekly Prayer Meetings

Monday, October 20 - Friday, October 24
130 Jackson St

Ignite Service

Ignite Service

Wednesday, October 22
Squires Colonial



Wednesday, November 26 - Monday, December 1

Life Groups

It is absolutely vital to get into one of our “L-groups”. They are small (5 to 12 people), yet have a BIG impact on your life! One of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with Christ is through studying the Bible in a community setting like a Life Group. Your journey of faith will be greatly strengthened as you participate weekly!
You will deepen your friendships, have one-on-one mentorship, experience the power of prayer, accountability, and have tons of fun!! Don’t just go big, go small and join an L-group today, it’s never too late!

Guys Groups: 1st Year

Girls Groups: 1st Year

  • Bethany H., Lauren A., and Brooke N.

    Sundays, 7:30pm, New Res East 482


  • Mel Q., Brianna P., and Taylor B.

    Mondays, 7:30pm, 211 Washington St (Chi Alpha House – Upstairs)


  • Rachel M., Angelyn N., and Alyssa B.

    Mondays, 7:30pm, PY Lounge 100


  • Felicity S., Ashley K., and Elissa K.

    Tuesdays, 7:30pm, Squires 1st floor


  • Grace G., Emma R., and Laura S.

    Thursdays, 8:00pm, 211 Washington St (Chi Alpha House – Upstairs)


Guys Groups: Upper Class

  • Jackson M. and Thomas L.

    Sundays, 8:00pm, 405 Laurence Lane


  • Evan M., Sheng T., and David C.

    Mondays, 7:00pm, 211 Washington St (Chi Alpha House – 2nd Office)


  • Jack C. and Sam L.

    Tuesdays, 7:00pm, 211 Washington St (Chi Alpha House – 2nd Office)


  • Caleb B. and Alex D.

    Tuesdays, 7:30pm, 211 Washington St (Chi Alpha House – Living Room)


  • Jordan R. and Tim E.

    Thursdays, 7:00pm, 211 Washington St (Chi Alpha House – 2nd Office)


  • Ben A. and David M.

    Thursdays, 8:00pm, 407 Laurence Ln.


Girls Groups: Upper Class


October 01 2014

Romico’s Story


As I grew up in church, God always felt distant. I thought church was a waste of time. I appreciated its “goodness”, but often times, everything church was boring. I entered Virginia Tech desiring to walk away from faith and Read More

Meet the Team

Anthony Saladino

Anthony and Michelle Saladino


Josh and Megan Kestner

Josh and Megan Kestner


Katie Jaberg

Katie Jaberg


Melissa Kausch

Melissa Kausch


Melanie Fish

Melanie Fish


Evan and Sara Boyle

Evan and Sara Boyle



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211 Washington St. Blacksburg, VA 24060