The Book of Luke

A 25 day devotional series for this Winter Break!

Day 24

Luke 24:13 opens on a scene of two men walking down the road, filled with sadness over the loss of their teacher, when Jesus approaches them.  Verse 16 says, “ But their eyes were kept from recognizing him.” They didn’t recognize that they were walking with Jesus Himself. In the midst of their sorrow, they didn’t comprehend that Jesus, the risen Jesus, was right there in front of them! The source of joy, the solution to their brokenness, stood in front of them, but they did not see. They looked through Him, as if He was any other man. That is, until Jesus interpreted scripture for them, broke bread with them, and “their eyes were opened” (vs. 21) to the reality of Jesus before them.

How many times in our lives do we walk through seasons of sadness, confusion, darkness, and we ask, “Jesus, where did you go?” We get overwhelmed by our circumstances, emotions, and wavering minds, forgetting that Jesus promised that He would be with us “always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20). In these moments of confusion, where things don’t make sense, remember, Jesus is there. He hasn’t left. He never will leave. He is walking with you, whether you recognize it or not. The disciples were lost in sadness and confusion at the reality of  Jesus’ death, blind to the fact that Jesus had risen. In the same way, we find ourselves blind to the hope of our risen Savior in the midst of our darkest valleys (Psalm 23). God may or may not reveal to you the purpose for your pain here on earth, but we have the choice to see God in the midst of it through the truth of Scripture and the encouragement of other believers. We have the choice to believe that Jesus continues to walk with us, even in the moments we don’t see Him.

Let us pray that our hearts are open and sensitive to the guidance of the Lord, that our eyes are open to see the Lord moving around us and that we understand the promise of Romans 8:28, that He is working all things together for His purpose and for our good.

Read Luke 24 and answer the questions to help you reflect on the passage.