VTXA Devos


The book of jude

 If we were to take a vote on the most neglected book of the Bible, many would say Lamentations, Leviticus, or maybe even Revelation. While these books are not as popular for reasons such as application and ambiguity, Jude takes the win as neglected in every sense. We hardly hear preaching, teaching, can’t find too many seminary classes on this one, and struggle to find a Bible study written on it. The good news is that the neglect is our problem more than Jude’s, and it is the only New Testament book to be incorporated almost precisely into another (2 Peter). The early church depended on this letter as they did all the letters in the New Testament. Likewise, in 2020-21, this letter will peel us off the ground of our broken lives, wounded world, and the perilous times we are currently in. We will find the truth in this letter will set us free from deep anxiety, lies, and will bring healing. You will “feel” like you're on a bit of a roller coaster through this 25 verse letter, but take heart, you will end with a smile and hungry for more.