Connect groups

Welcome home! We are so excited that you have plugged into Chi Alpha Community. Our Connect Groups are a BIG  part of who we are and how we stay connected. It is important to have a community where you can feel known, loved, and share your gifts and talents throughout the year.  The goal of our CG’s is to help you get connected to God, each other, and to Virginia Tech as whole. These Groups meet all the regulations of VT size gatherings in the pandemic and will continue to do so as the year continues. Don’t forget to sign up for one and STAY CONNECTED! 

join us at our Ignite services
8pm | Squires colonial Hall

Freshman Connect Group

MEGA Quad 

- Girl's Groups -

FROGG | Kaitlyn, Andrea, & Jireh
Imago Dei | Victoria & Simone
Chosen & Free | Hannah Mortimer
The Chicks | Michelle Saladino

- Guy's Groups -

The Firemen | Nicholas & Alex
Fresh Men | Alex, Josiah, & Chandler
Beloved Suns | Joshua, Geo, & Ethan
J Walkin | Matt & Will

Upperclassmen Connect Groups


-Girl's Groups -

XOXO Gospel Girls | Alyssa & Kylie
Bee Rooted | Sarah & Savannah

-Guy's Groups-

Hallowed Be Thy Gains | Caleb, Jared, & Ben
Men of Manna | Zach & Corbin
Water to Wine | Steve, Mike, & Chase


- Girl's Groups -

Living Art | Casey & Megan
Light Work | Julia, Amanda, & Mei

-Guy's Groups-

Kingsmen | Braydon, Kevin, & Jean-Luc
Sons of Sourdough | Sean, Ethan, & Josiah
Cross Walkers | Joseph & Elliot


- Girl's Groups -

Spirit & Spice | Hannah & Rachael
He is OURS | Halie & Sydney
The Beloved | Sena, Michelle, & Juel

- Guy's Groups -

Free Barabbas | Ruben & Sam
Glory to Glory | Will, Victor, & Louis
Alight | Nathan & Jospeh

Graduate Connect Groups


Grad Ladies | Audra, Amanda, & Kim
Grad Guys | Andrew, Alex, & Peter

Seekers & Non-Christian Connect Groups


Alpha Large Group | Johnny & Amanda
Truth Seekers | Duffy & Tim