The Book of Hosea

A 7 day devotional series on thriving and surviving this Spring Break

~~ Day 2: Knowing God ~~ 

Read:  Hosea 4-5

This lack of knowledge is placed alongside Israel’s spiritual adultery in God’s court case against His people, even being declared a cause of Israel’s current moral devastation and coming political destruction (Hosea 4:6). Hosea 4:9-14 continues to describe how Israel’s idolatry “took away the understanding” they once had concerning the Lord turning them into a “people without understanding” on their way to ruin.
But what is this knowledge, this understanding, that Israel lacked yet so desperately needed?
The word “knowledge” in Hosea 4 is translated from the Hebrew word “yada.” This knowledge is not merely intellectual but experiential relationship alongside personal understanding. To know not simply to know about.

Process with the Lord through the journaling questions!

Take away:    
Take time to worship the Lord. Here are some song recommendations: “.You Don’t Miss a Thing” by Bethel; “Here’s My Heart” by Lauren Daigle. You can also take time to sit in silence and simply be with God.