The Book of James

A 10 day devotional series on thriving and surviving this Thanksgiving break

Day 1 

Read:  James 1:1-18
Devo:   Isn’t it profound that James advises us to consider the difficult times and trials that we face as pure joy? For some of us, this idea may encourage our hearts but for others it may seem frustrating. How can we consider hard times to be pure joy? For some of us, going back home this week may be an intense trial.  We may wrongly assume that James had to have experienced very few trials to make such a statement.  In reality, the opposite is true! In fact he was the head of the church at Jerusalem during a time of intense persecution while many followers of Jesus were forced to flee the city. James did not write these words because he was oblivious to the pain that comes with trials of various kinds, but because he understands the spiritual the benefit of these tests of our faith.  Be encouraged that we can ask God for wisdom while we are home this week. He gives generously to all those who put their faith in Him!
Process with the Lord through the journaling questions!
Pray:    Lord, help me through the tests of faith that I experience over break. Help me to remain steadfast in the face of trials  and remain thankful 
for all that you give me.