The Book of Luke

A 25 day devotional series for this Winter Break!

Day 16

Here we have a rich man and a poor man come to their deaths. The poor man was taken into eternal paradise, and the rich man is sent to eternal torment. Although he received earthly riches his entire life, when it comes to death, these things passed away. He had no treasures stored for himself in heaven; the rich man lived a life unconcerned with this reality. When he arrives to eternal torment he cried out to Father Abraham asking him to raise the poor man from the dead so his brothers could be warned. Abraham replies that his brothers have the resources that share with them the words of Moses and the Prophets to avoid the same fate, and if they do not trust in God’s word, a dead man will not convince him.

All too often we live in the same manner. We are unconcerned with eternity as we live for ourselves and earthly treasures in the present. We also live unconcerned for the fate of our “brothers”, friends, family, classmates, professors, etc. In this season, as we celebrate the birth of the Savior of the World and this New Year,  let us be aware of our fate and those around us! Jesus came down to earth, born as a baby, lived as a man, and died on a cross for our fate to be secured in heaven. Let us share of this good news, the gospel, with anyone and everyone who will here. If we encountered a “dead-man-walking,” like the rich man wanted for his brothers, would that change us? Or is the power of God’s word enough to change hearts and lives?

Read Luke 16 and answer the reflection questions to help you process the passage.