The Book of Luke

A 25 day devotional series for this Winter Break!

Day 17

The disciples did not yet fully understand how Jesus, who had caused no offense, would take the punishment for their offense upon himself. Consider the news - you have offended Christ and he has forgiven you. Let us look closely at his words to the disciples, they are also for us today. Which of us has not been offended? And which of us has not also offended? We should pause and consider the second question personally first. We do not know the offense we have caused and we do not know the forgiveness that has been offered to us in Christ Jesus.

We must consider others in our actions, plans, and the things we say. Ask, “How will this affect [my family, my life group, my friend, my classmate]?” In fact, we should go further than that by holding each other accountable. We must be bold to rebuke sin and be quick to forgive. It must be a “both/and.” May we do both by the grace of God alone.  Some of us have no problem calling out sin, but struggle to forgive. Some of us struggle to call out sin, and  we “forgive” easily. We do not know the true nature of sin and Christ’s forgiveness. We must truly forgive. And forgive often. And forgive quickly (v. 4). But the great news of great joy is also this: the kingdom of God is one of justice, love, and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Woe to the one through whom temptations to sin come, but praise be to the one through whom forgiveness comes!

Do you know His forgiveness? Who do you need to hold accountable? Who do you need to be accountable to? Who do you need to forgive? Who do you need to ask for forgiveness?

Read Luke 17 and answer the reflection questions to help you process the passage.