Summer Journey Project

What if you actually had healthy rhythms? Sleeping, eating, exercising,
godly community, spiritual disciplines, boundaries with technology.

What if you set up rhythms in 1 summer of college that equipped you for a life-time of serving Jesus?
    Summer Journey Project is a month long journey to greater wholeness and health in the area of sexual integrity and spiritual formation. More than just diving deep like Journey Groups or life groups do 1/week, SJP shows you what healthy wholistic rhythms of life look like and you get to start living out these Godly principles while also troubleshooting how to continue them the rest of your life. You'll be working as peers and with staff accountability to build lifestyles of actual daily abiding, healthy sleep schedules, weekly planning, budgeting, shopping, eating as a "family", regular exercising, designated technology-free hours, general life management classes, embracing the spiritual disciplines, etc. You'll also get to have amazing times of fun fellowship over group meals, games, worship, and weekend adventures of hiking and camping!
    We're looking for 4 men and 4 women committed to intentionally dedicating a month into their long-term spiritual growth and healing.  They'll be staying at Spirit Wind Retreat Center in Floyd, VA, - only 45 mins from Blacksburg.

   In order to cover your housing, food, resources, and activities for the month, the cost is $2000. The deadline to apply is May 1st.
If you would like to ask questions before you apply, you can reach out to
Bonnie Forehand (401)954-7305 or Caleb Forehand (850)316-5673