The Book of Hosea

A 7 day devotional series on thriving and surviving this Spring Break

~~ Day 6: Comfort ~~ 

Read:  Hosea 12-13

Israel of Hosea’s time was extremely prosperous. They were in the midst of their Golden Age. Surrounded by their wealth and comfort they could hardly believe Hosea’s words. They would have been taken back by this warning of punishment, destruction, and dispersion. They had grown comfortable. Their gorged bellies and lavish homes, their abundant wealth and bountiful harvests, had placed their minds in a smog of comfort that made the past faithfulness and even the voice of the Lord Himself grow quietly dim. This smog that made them forget that God was the one who provided these provisions in the first place.

Process with the Lord through the journaling questions!

Take away:    
Reach out to your accountability partners from Day 1, and share with the areas of your life you have been too comfortable. Spend time praying for yourself and your partners. That you all would be able to follow Christ even if that means walking out of your comfort zone. Write down which spiritual disciplines God is calling you to pick up as a means to combat getting comfortable in the flesh. Spiritual disciplines always have a way of softening our hearts towards God and leading us to greater obedience even though they are uncomfortable.