The Book of James

A 10 day devotional series on thriving and surviving this Thanksgiving break

        Day 3

Read:  James 2:1-13
Devo:   Each of us will deal with different types of trials during Thanksgiving break.  For some, it is a challenge to spend time with family because they often compare themselves to others' successes. You may feel tempted to compare yourself in a variety of ways: relationship statuses, GPAs, physical fitness levels, financial statuses, future career plans, etc. James addresses this issue with a counter cultural solution by calling us to rise above judgement of one another.  Can you imagine being brothers with Jesus, the perfect and blameless child? Talk about comparison issues.  It seems like most families have accepted that their family lives will be full of comparison and division,  but James recognizes how vital it is to honor one another in the church and in our friends and family. He calls us to pursue mercy over judgement- this is the gospel! Thank God that He decided to extend mercy over judgement to each of us in the family of God.
Process with the Lord through the journaling questions!
Pray:    Lord, would you forgive me for the times that I have harbored favoritism and judgement in my heart towards others. Would you lead me in bringing unity into my friends and family this week rather than judgement and division.