The Book of James

A 10 day devotional series on thriving and surviving this Thanksgiving break

        Day 6

Read:  James 3:13-18
Devo:   The concept of wisdom is a largely misunderstood idea in our world.  If we were to survey people on the street, certainly we would get a different answer from each passerby.  However, most would agree on one thing- they would like to have it!  Let’s look to scripture to see how the Bible defines wisdom.  James describes two different types of “wisdom”.  One type is earthly, demonic, full of bitter jealousy, selfish ambition, and disorder.  In contrast, the type of wisdom that comes down from above is described as pure, peaceable, and gentle, open to reason, and full of mercy.  We know that Satan is a deceiver. When he tries to deceive us, we can often find ourselves caught in something that seemed wise at the time, but later showed itself to resemble the description of the earthly wisdom rather than wisdom from the Lord.  
We have already read in James 1:5 that we are invited to ask God for wisdom when we lack understanding and He will give generously! Let us be people that call to the Lord to ask for wisdom and direction rather than chasing wisdom of the world for our own selfish ambition, jealousy, and pride!
Process with the Lord through the journaling questions!
Pray:    Lord, please forgive me for seeking wisdom from the world rather than asking you for your wisdom. I ask you now for wisdom that is from above that is pure, peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. Would you use me to sow a harvest of righteousness during break this week.