The Book of Luke

A 25 day devotional series for this Winter Break!

Day 22

In one of the most challenging moments of Jesus’ life, those closest to Him were asleep. They missed it. They missed out on being able to have that special memory of comforting their Lord, wiping His tears, praying with Him, reminding Him of the scriptures He had so fervently taught them on. What a moment to miss out on! Their flesh, their desire for earthly rest, their sorrow, and their exhaustion from travelling and working with Christ took them away from being with Him where He was in that moment. This temptation comes to us all. Will we “push through” when it comes to working for Christ and the spread of the gospel, but not be willing to “push through” when it comes to spending time with Him alone and with His followers? Will we let our sorrow from being in this world and its falleness, keep us disengaged in times when we really need to be present? Will we recognize the spiritual warfare we are actually facing and that we could be missing out on a moment indeed?

Praise God Jesus “pushed through” and stayed connected to the Father no matter what! Glory is the FACT that he didn’t back down, He took on the wrath of God, He suffered and died, and rose again so that one day we would be with Him forever and never face temptation, sorrow, our flesh, or sadness again. Will we be with Him now in sorrow and joy, will we be present,  as we hold onto the fact that one day, we will be with Him forever in glory?

Read Luke 22 and answer the questions to help you reflect on the passage.